Best TV Service Providers and Streaming Services for Sports Lovers

Best TV Service Providers and Streaming Services for Sports Lovers

It is commonly the case that after Covid 19 lockdowns people have become lazier, and even out of caution, they avoid going to watch live games. While we miss the noise of the stadium and the crowd, it often got super hectic and was no more fun. Well, it is possible to give oneself a stadium like experience by watching sports on TV, as it is more convenient and fun to stream your favorite games from the comfort of your home. 

When it comes to sports channels, here we discuss the TV service providers and streaming services that provide the maximum number of sports channels, value for money, as well as personalized sports from home experience. So, if you are a sports fan looking for a good sports TV service read along and find out which service suits you. 

Xfinity TV

When it involves top bundle packages and an awesome channel lineup with different perks, Xfinity TV is our favorite. Xfinity is the quality cable TV alternative for sports activities lovers because it comes with 22 sports channels with your Xfinity TV bundle, and you additionally get the choice to add on your favorite sports channels without having to pay high charges. Besides all the sports channels that Xfinity provides you, there is a sports zone in X1 TV where you get your personalized screen which accessible even on the go. On the Sports Zone you get 24/7 updates, notifications, and it allows you to check live scores and games. One more thing that makes Xfinity our favorite is the accessibility and affordability of the service and packages. Especially when you get it in bundles you save a lot. Xfinity internet is the fastest, convenient, affordable, and accessible TV and internet service that provides value for money. So, essentially you could get quality Xfinity TV Packages and internet offers in a good price range. The best part about it is that it makes your sports experience personalized and convenient with the sports zone option. 

Verizon Fios Your TV

Verizon Fios Your TV is certainly considered one among our favorite TV services, because it gives fantastic channel lineup and at the same time it also has channels for your family. The service is fantastic when it comes to variety of general channels. Besides, what brings Verizon Fios TV to our listing is that it has an awesome variety of sports channels in its channel lineup and additionally permits you to feature-on extra sports channels on preference. Similar to Xfinity, Verizon also personalizes content and channel listing primarily based on your favorites. Being a sports lover, you can get your very own custom designed channel lineup primarily based on your interests for an extra charge. One extra element that brings Verizon Fios in our listing is how it allows you to switch 5 channels with different 5 channels on your next billing cycle. This way, every time you choose 5 channels you don’t like, you can get them swapped for 5 good channels of your choice.  


DISH TV is for college sports lovers. DISH TV has the maximum variety of sports channels and that’s what brings it to our list here. It has all TV alternatives for all sports lovers, is accessible and additionally comes with channels for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, in addition to extra sports activities niches together with tennis rugby and MMA. Apart from that, DISH TV also allows you to add on channels for an extra charge and it also allows you to customize your plan. 

fuboTV Elite

If you have got a few extra bucks to spare, and need a separate TV committed to sports activities channels, fuboTV Elite is the quality choice for you. fuboTV Elite has around 50 sports activities channels that are local, international, sport specific, and additional popular sports channels. Also, just in case you are not satisfied with the channel line-up that your get, you could add on extra channels. You can get eleven more sports channels through upgrading to fuboTV`s sports plus package. With fuboTV’s Sports plus you get all famous and local sports channels of each sport, and additionally get different non-sports channels that your family could also enjoy. What brings fuboTV Elite to our listing is the large number of sports channels. So, if you don’t care for the price range and are an actual sports fanatic, then is the TV streaming service for you. 


DIRECTV great for NFL enthusiasts and that’s what brings it to the list. DIRECTV`s ULTIMATE bundle comes with sixteen sports channels. The ULTIMATE package comes with 16 sports channels along with ESPN and NBC Sports Network. If you are still not satisfied with the channels, you can always add on or upgrade to PREMIER for $50 and get ESPN College Extra and Outdoor Channel however we suppose that`s an excessive amount of for an upgrade. Well, when you have the money and you’re a real NFL fan, that greater $50 is probably worth it. Otherwise, the already present channels are sufficient enough if you are only interested in NFL. 

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is TV for sports fanatics in a lower price range. While YouTube TV does not have all your common channels and sport specific channels, it comes with very unique ones that you might not have watched before. It comes with 22 sports channels. Since it is already pretty affordable, you can get extra 7 channels by paying a little extra. YouTube TV is on our list as it is simple to use, handy and most importantly is available in a low price range. 

All these TV services are great for streaming sports channels as they have the maximum convenience and number of sports channels, and some go a step further to give you a personalized sports experience. When it comes to our personal favorite, we choose Xfinity as it provides value for money, a personalized experience that is accessible even when you are on the go, and many more perks that come with the TV packages.