Zoë Kravitz Reveals What First Drew Her to Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

Zoë Kravitz, who is generally not thus candid regarding her relationship with actor Channing Tatum, has unfolded about what 1st attracted her to the Magic electro-acoustic transducer star in associate degree interview with the Wall Street Journal on August 16, via PopSugar.

The debut director Saturday down with the publication to speak about her approaching heroic tale Pussy Island, that she conjointly co-wrote; it options her notable now-beau.

Rumors first started flying about the standing of the 2 stars in January 2021, consistent with People. Kravitz was within the middle of a divorce from ex Karl Glusman once she and Tatum were noticed along as they were already functioning on Pussy Island, although a supply confirmed that they weren’t dating. It wasn’t till August of an equivalent year that a source reportedly confirmed to diversion Tonight that the 2 were a couple, stating that their relationship had blossomed into more.

Even a year later, Kravitz was hesitant to dig too deep into it with the WSJ. “I guess what I’ll say is after you create things with individuals it’ a really sacred space, and when you’re compatible with someone creatively it typically opens up alternative channels, as a result of you’re quite sharing all of yourself,” she said, before confirming that it had been this project that LED to their romance. “I’m extremely grateful that this show has brought him into my life that way.”

oddly enough, even before falling smitten with him, Kravitz was going to solid him within the role. “I needed to search out somebody who hadn’t compete a dark character before, because i feel that’ exciting to look at someone who’ largely played boy next door, smart guy, love interest, all of that,” she said. With films like twenty one Jump Street, intensify associate degreed expensive John below his belt, Tatum actually fits the bill.

Per Deadline, Pussy Island centers on Frida, a young waiter who works her method into the nice graces of technical school mogul woodlouse King. however once she arrives to an exclusive gathering on his non-public island, Frida’s bound there’s one thing a lot of to the tropical paradise than what it seems—”something terrifying,” the precis assures.

As an observation of the way male magnates typically treat women, Kravitz needed to confirm the actor was really simply that. “I felt, even from afar, before I knew him, that he was a feminist which he wasn’t petrified of exploring that darkness, as a result of he is aware of he’ not that,” she said. “That’ why i used to be drawn to him and needed to fulfill with him. and that i was right.”